Motivation and Job Opportunities (MOJO) Support Service

  • Creator Creator
  • Builder Builder
  • Defender Defender
  • Director Director
  • Expert Expert
  • Friend Friend
  • Searcher Searcher
  • Spirit Spirit
  • Star Star

The Motivation and Job Opportunities Support Service (MOJO) is a coaching and mentoring system designed to help people who are long-term unemployed achieve job readiness and employment. MOJO has been designed to complement the work of local, regional and national employment support agencies across Europe.

MOJO features at its core a unique, online, motivational mapping system for revealing the motivational drivers of each job seeker and measuring their levels of motivation. The motivational map is used by specialist MOJO job coaches to inform and structure the MOJO personalised and intensive coaching service. Long-term unemployed people needing help, meet with their MOJO Coaches on average every 10 days over an 18-week period. Job seekers are encouraged to centre their preparation and progress towards work on their own motivational drivers. Powerful visualisation techniques, backed by clear goal setting and action planning, are used to identify the way forward.

The MOJO model features nine possible drivers for motivation with emphasis placed on the top three drivers in order to structure the most effective coaching process.

The MOJO motivators of work are:

Defender The Defender
seeks security, predictability, stability
Director The Director
seeks power, influence, control
1creator1 The Creator
seeks innovation, new things, creative potential
Friend The Friend
seeks belonging, friendship, fulfilling relationships
Builder The Builder
seeks money, material satisfactions, above average living
Spirit The Spirit
seeks freedom, independence, making own decisions
Star The Star
seeks recognition, respect, social esteem
Expert The Expert
seeks knowledge, mastery, specialisation
Searcher The Searcher
seeks meaning, making a difference



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