Project Partners

The project partners are located in six European regions, each responsible for work packages contributing to the overall success of the project.






Project Role/work packages
United Kingdom Focus Enterprises Limited Birmingham West Midlands 1. Transferring the MOJO coaching system to partners including the delivery of training and workshops.
2. Preparation of MOJO coaching materials toolkit for partners.
3. Overall Project Management and Quality Assurance
Lithuania VSI Edukaciniai ProjektaiEzero g. 8-1 Siauliai Lietuva 1. Dissemination and Exploitation
2. Promotion of the project
Greece Asset Technology2 Glodasi & Roumbesi str Athens Attiki Current Practice Review (identify, review and evaluate current long term support programmes in each region)
Portugal Outra Margem Rua 27 de Julho no6 Trafaria Lisboa Dissemination and Exploitation
Germany Universität Paderborn Warburger Str.100 Paderborn Nordrhein-Westfalen Employer engagement and evaluation
Italy Aracne Via del’Epomeo 175 Napoli Campania Overall Project Review and Evaluation