The MOJO project is funded under the EU Education and Culture Directorate, Lifelong Learning Leonardo Programme and is a Transfer of Innovation (TOI) project.

The MOJO system will assist EU based employment service organisations in the engagement of long-term unemployed individuals in a process of revitalisation, becoming job-ready and onward into employment. MOJO is being tested in regions in Germany, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania and Italy

Designed to develop self-awareness and confidence MOJO features a motivational mapping programme, the results of which are used to create one-to-one life coaching and mentoring services. Service users are encouraged to set life and work based goals and actions plan and coaches are assigned to assist their implementation. The outcome is more self-aware and more motivated individuals, ready for work.

The aims and objectives of the project are to transfer the MOJO process and methodology to other EU countries, test it and embed it in new environments and develop some new approaches when and where required. MOJO involves employment support experts, coaches, mentors and employers in an integrated process that directly engages with the long term unemployed.