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The MOJO Coaching Process Timeline

Ideally each individual  client will receive 12 one-hour intensive coaching sessions over 18 weeks. In somecases  there may be more in others less,but the coach will decide on what is needed for the client. All individuals should be assigned one coach who they will work with until the end of their programme.

MOJO Programme Structure

Week 1.
Individual clients meet with their coach and are introduced to MOJO. Individuals will complete a Motivational Map as a baseline coaching tool to define the agenda for early sessions with their MOJO coach. The MOJO coaching process features practical progress and results driven tools and techniques. They are framed on goal setting and action planning principles and are designed to be deployed throughout the coaching process having been developed out of previous pilot projects

Week 2
Coach and client review the results of the Motivational Map with an in-depth discussion on what the map reveals about the clients motivations.

Week 3
With the information from the Map on clients’ primary sources of motivation the MOJO coach client discuss where specific, relevant and motivating job opportunities might be found that would meet those motivators.

Week 4
Visualisation exercise on job/sector opportunities under guidance of MOJO coach

Week 5
Client working with the coach reviews way forward sets out their goals for the next 6 months

Week 6
Coach and client review the goals set out for the next 6 months identify actions plans using SMART principles

Week 8/10/12/14/16 and 18

Coach and client will continue to review, discuss and work through the agreed goals and their action. Set any new actions that may need to be undertaken or goals to be amended or added.

All clients engaging in the MOJO programme will receive a MOJO Work Club booklet to work through and to use in and out of the coaching session.

MOJO coaches should record each of the coaching session as well completing a profile of each of the clients at the beginning and end of the programme.